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Dear Hipcamp, 

I'm sorry to report that I showed up to Happy Trails Campground and couldn't enter the property. The host never gave me the gate code and I couldn't reach her while I was there. I left and returned home. I'm pretty disappointed.
How would you respond to the following photographer? *

Hey Hipcamp,

I'm excited for my first assignment tomorrow! Can I bring a few friends with me and my dog? Also, it says there are 3 listings but I'm only staying at one. Can we stay an extra night to shoot the other listings as separate assignments?
Suggest one way you would incentivize Field Scouts to pick up more assignments.

What kind of feedback would give to the following photographer of a tent site in a forest?

Trip details:
- No shot of tent
- Photos too dark / minimal post-processing
- Photos slightly blurry
List 3 photographers that you think would be a good fit for the Field Scout program and why. *

List 1-3 brands you think would be good partners for the Field Scout program and why. *

Why do you think you'd be a good fit for this role? *

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